I don’t want to be all about telling everyone what to do all the time Kittens but this is my site and there are some rules.


* Firstly I have a zero tolerance policy on spam and trolls.
You can disagree with me, you can correct honest mistakes. But do so like one human being to another not like a congress of Baboons. I reserve the right to remove any comment or link.

* I will not engage in pointless arguments.

* All of my original artwork, designs, films and music belong to me. They are very important to me both spiritually and financially. Do not use them for anything without permission Thank you.

* I will not sell any personal information of yours to anyone. I will not store any personal information of yours unless you asked me to do so for an agreed period….for example while I am creating a custom portrait of you.

* I am not interested in SEO help or merchandise arrangements so do not ask.

* I am not responsible for the content of sites I link to. Links are provided for the interest and convenience of readers, and I do pick them carefully, but I have no control over the sites they link to.

* This site is not intended for young children. Some of the content on this site, including but not limited to images, video and language, may be offensive to some people. While it is not my intention to offend, everyone has their own views. If you find occasional strong language, and artistic female nudity offensive then do not read this blog.

Thank you

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