Hi, I’m Lilly F Lie,  aka Mistress lillylie, I am headmistress of Bad Kitten Creations –

You can call me lilly or lie or “Your Eminence”…   I don’t mind.

I am an illustrator, singer and stopmotion animator from Edinburgh Scotland.

Bad Kitten Creations was originally started as a means for me to showcase my film and music work. And to finance it.
Stop motion animation is very expensive and time consuming, with pretty much no opportunity for profit, haha!.  I used to work part time jobs to pay for it, but when I was living between the UK and the USA I had to come up with something that could travel with me. And it had to be something I loved…..hence the pinup illustrations.

My current animation project is a series of films exploring some of my fixations with certain elements of the human journey deemed dark. As well as sexuality…particularly the portrayal of female sexuality, and the concept of purity.
The first of these films was called Jack and Jill and is based on the meaning behind the nursery rhyme…the loss of innocence and the possible regrets that follow. So if that sounds like the sort of fun you like to have then you will find more of  my film work and the philosophy behind it on bad kitten’s sister site Big Dark Room. See you there!

This site, Bad Kitten Creations, is all about the other great loves in my life –  Vintage glamour, burlesque, fantasy, erotica and pinup art. I have always loved them since i was a child watching 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s  movies with my mother.


hello kittens,
Yours, Ms Lie xxx

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