I get asked a lot of things Kittens, some interesting, some boring, some bat-shit nuts! But there are some questions that come up more often than not so I will attempt to answer them here for you.

Blue swimsuit pinup art print
Blue swimsuit pinup art print by Lillylie
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* Q. I like your pinups, but are you the same Lilly F Lie who makes those creepy animations?
A. Yes I am. I started drawing before I started making animation. But I didn’t start doing pinup art professionally till after I started making animation. In fact I did it as a way to fund the film

*Q. Where can I buy prints?
A. Prints  available from my Etsy store  come in two sizes and are finished by hand after  printing, so every print us unique. These start at $30.00.
More prints can be found at my  Zazzle Print Store
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* Q. Do you do custom pinup art?
A. Yes I do. I will take private commissions for custom portraits – you as a pinup girl- and occasionally for tattoo designs. Most styles of pinup are OK – classic vintage, flapper, modern, alt, burlesque, nude, Dominatrix. I do not do pornographic work for commissions though.

* Q. How do I hire you for a commission?
A. It is very simple either contact me through this site or go to my etsy store. Tell me what you are looking for and your time frame, I may have to create a listing just for your project.
Then simply send payment through etsy or paypal, with at at least one or two good clear pictures of your face (or the subject’s face if it is a gift) and ideally one full length picture.
I will create your unique pinup from this, and you will be kept updated through the whole process.

* Q. How much does a custom pinup cost?
A. For a pinup girl on her own against a white or simple background (Vargas style) the price is currently only $100.00 for an 8×13″ piece or $200.00 for 13×19″.
Other larger  more more complex works are priced on a case by case basis.

* Q. Will you do a pinup for my business?
A. Sorry no. I do not do commercial work or work for resale.

* Q. Do you do commission animations?
A. No sorry I do not do animation for anyone but myself at this time.

* Q. Are you a Goth?
A. Yes.

*Q. How can you be into pinup girls and be a goth?
A. Because I can.

*Q. How can you be a Goth and like pinups?
A. Because I can.

*Q. What does Decopunk mean?
A. Decopunk is an art movement that you can call a natural continuation of steampunk. Both Decopunk and dieselpunk , like steampunk before them, strive to combine the design, materials and power source of a past age (in this case the age of art deco through streamline modern – so the mid 1920s to the late 1930s, sometimes the early 40s) with technology of today, or the future. I am drawn to it because I always preferred the image of the future, our present, as imagined by the artists of that age. So I suppose you could say “retro futuristic” .

* Q. How long have you been wearing corsets?
A. I got my first real corset when I was 16 years old. I have been wearing them ‘seriously’ since my early twenties. So a while.

* Q. Does wearing a corset hurt?/is it dangerous?
A. Pain is very individual so I cannot say if it will be something you can handle or not. But a well fitting corset should not be the torture people assume. I find the sensation pleasant, but I am aware of it. It’s not like I can honestly say it’s just like wearing yoga pants, but it not something I have a problem living with.
As for danger. No to the best of my knowledge, if you are healthy, sensible and wearing a corset that fits you well it is not dangerous. Inconvenient at times but not dangerous.

* Q. Can you advise me on the best corset for me?
A. No I’m afraid not. It is a very personal choice. And while I am happy to share my own experiences and passion, that is not the purpose of this site. I recommend talking to someone like ROMANTASY Custom Corsets – Waist Training They are real experts.

* Q. Are your nails real?
A. Yes.

* Q. How did you grow your hair so long?
A. By not cutting it.

* Q. Are you serious?
A. Sometimes.

Thank you, I hope you found your answer.

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