Vintage pinup style mermaid wit green tail and purple hair
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Mermaid Pinup Portrait Art

Hello Kittens!
I have a new  pinup of the month for you. This Rainbow mermaid is a semi-self portrait! When I was a kid, and adults would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say “A mermaid”…which got me even more odd looks than usual.

But though I never sprouted a tail I still love them and love to draw them.  The tail is the most important part of a mermaid drawing..obviously.. and there is so much potential for what you can do with it. For this design I was inspired by Beta fish. I loved their bright colours and the way their fins trail like shredded tulle and chiffon on a couture evening gown.
Today I started work on a new custom mermaid portrait which is super fun. You didn’t know you could have your pin-up girl portrait done as a mermaid? well now you do.  So I thought today was a good day to share the Pinup of the Month for March 2016. I hope you like her.

I also created a mermaids collection on Zazzle with some of my favorite mermaid art and gifts. Enjoy.
“It was the place where she felt free. And heaven lies under the sea. Hell is just dry land to me, when I’m dreaming”

Have  an fairy tale fantastic day Kittens xxx

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