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New Throw Pillow Collection

Kittens I have a new batch of decorative throw pillows available now on my etsy store. They are made in partnership with Printful, so they will be made to order and shipped to you by them. Less waste from warehousing and so on.
So far I have one pillow from each of the following Bad Kitten Pinup Collections;

Art Deco Pinups:

Satin & Pearls against a midnight blue background in a circle of light. Is it Romantic Moonlight or Glamourous limelight? You decide.

Teasecake Pinups:

The Pink Lady, named for the frothy pink cocktail, here against an all over cherries print. Well you have to have a cherry on a cocktail don’t you!

Fantasy Mermaid Pinups:

The Rainbow Mermaid, whose Beta fish inspired tail reminds me of a vintage couture gown, seen here against a soft sea blue/green background with stylized jellyfish and bubbles. On the reverse a solid bold teal.

Classic Monsters Pinups:

Vampire Pinup Lips and blood against a background of stripes in black and a lavender grey. On the back side solid black. A spoopy sexy design for any Halloween home
And This one is available in Two Shapes! This longer rectangular pillow makes a great accent as well as a back support.

I love these pillows, but I am in the “Never enough pillows” camp so I would. Seriously I’m going to make hundreds of these, fill my house and nest forever in them! Or to put that another way, There are more designs coming soon!
Have a beautiful day Kittens.

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