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Pinup girl artwork both mine and theirs

Mermaid Pinup Portrait Art

Hello Kittens!
I have a new  pinup of the month for you. This Rainbow mermaid is a semi-self portrait! When I was a kid, and adults would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say “A mermaid”…which got me even more odd looks than usual.

But though I never sprouted a tail I still love them and love to draw them.  The tail is the most important part of a mermaid drawing..obviously.. and there is so much potential for what you can do with it. For this design I was inspired by Beta fish. I loved their bright colours and the way their fins trail like shredded tulle and chiffon on a couture evening gown.
Today I started work on a new custom mermaid portrait which is super fun. You didn’t know you could have your pin-up girl portrait done as a mermaid? well now you do.  So I thought today was a good day to share the Pinup of the Month for March 2016. I hope you like her.

I also created a mermaids collection on Zazzle with some of my favorite mermaid art and gifts. Enjoy.
“It was the place where she felt free. And heaven lies under the sea. Hell is just dry land to me, when I’m dreaming”

Have  an fairy tale fantastic day Kittens xxx


Pinup Icon Maila Nurmi AKA Vampira

    In the pin-up art world there are, IMO, three distinct ‘types’ of pinup.

1. The “Girl next door”. Sweet, approachable pie baking loveliness. Think Bettie Page and the work of Gil Elvgren.
2. The “Femme Fatale”. Distant, elegant goddess type. Think Greta Garbo and the work of Alberto Vargas.
3. The “Vamp”. A ‘scary but sexy’ slinky creature of the night who cares not a jot for your social standards. And my kinda girl!

The look typically includes a very chinched waist, long straight hair, elaborate makeup, tight long dresses that leave little “to the imagination” and black…..or very dark red.  Infamous Vamps include Morticia Addams, Elvira Mistress of the dark, and the often overlooked Valeria Watt from the magnificently camp “carry on screaming”, who caused some stirrings in the young me I must say…and I don’t think I was the only one!. But there was one who was not only a sultry, campy, fabulous creature of the night, but a serious trailblazer and icon of the dark-glam look and the punk and goth lifestyles.
That woman was, one of my heroines Maila Nurmi. Original and best. Born December 11, 1922 in Petsamo, Finland, Died: January 10, 2008 (age 85) in Los Angeles, California. She is believed to have been the first horror host. The story goes that she threw together a costume for a party, choosing Morticia Addams from the comic strip. And the character of Vampira emerged from there, inspired by the likes of Joan Crawford and the evil Queen from Disney’s Snow White (well who doesn’t love her?).
But she was more than that, I mean look at her!  That first pic is classic vintage pin-up girl, with a punky Burlesque twist. That second one…WOW! Can you imagine seeing that on TV in the 50s? And in the third, we are decades before Punk or Goth or Deathrock and there she is. True original. Real icon.


For these and more pictures and info on one of the greatest originals of her time, check out my Pinterest board dedicated to Vampira.

Best Pinup Art February

Mornin Kittens!
Thought I would do another “Best pinup art of Zazzle” post. So here goes, these are my picks today.



Hope you enjoyed today’s pics. Look out for some new artwork from my own collections coming very soon. Check out my Zazzle store here.
Have a beautiful day Kittens xxx

“Petticoats & Polkadots” 50’s pin-up girl postcard | Zazzle

By popular demand postcards are returning to my Zazzle store. The first designs available are “Petticoats & Polka dots” (pictured) “Hawk”, “Release the bats”, “Satin & pearls” and “Alice”. More coming soon, and look out for limited edition designs too!
Bad Kitten Creations Zazzle Store

Commission work open with NEW OPTIONS

Vintage pinup style mermaid wit green tail and purple hair Hello Kittens. After a very shitty few months….or years I don’t recall…. I am back and full-on with both the illustration and portraits AND the film and music sides. Hooray!!
As of today custom pin-up girl portraits are now available in my etsy store once again, but they are not alone this time. Now you can also get your portrait as a vintage styled Mermaid too!
check it out, with more artwork examples, here –

Have as beautiful day Kittens xxx

New Pin-up art store news!

I know I have been neglecting you Kittens, sorry about that. As you know I am working on my new film “Fiat Lux” right now.
But I have new news from my Etsy pinup art store.

I am now able to offer custom printing options on my commission portrait art. And will very soon be adding a whole new collection of pinup art prints, postcards, bookmarks and more. Plus I am using paper puppets in my latest film, and have decided to combine my illustration work with my animation work to create original artwork, jointed paper doll puppets. These beautiful collectable dolls will be available on my store before the end of the year, so look out for those!

Right now Commissions are again open, you can find an active listing for a simple pinup here

Have a fabulous day
Lilly xxx

burlesque pinup ballet dancer art
Off Pointe – December 2013 pinup by Lilly F Lie.

Flaming Whips – Pinup Art of the month Jan 2014.

Hello Kittens, sorry it has been so long between posts. When I am animating I lose track of time…when you can spend an hour inside a second it changes your relationship with linear time.
But still, sorry, I will endeavor to keep up to date.

Today I am launching the Pin-up of the month for January 2014.
She is called “Flaming Whips”. She is inspired by the Art Deco statues of nubile dancing girls in …ummm…exuberant …poses. When I drew her I felt she needed a pair of performance whips to continue the line of her movement.

I love bullwhips, in the right hands they are so elegant and powerful. The ballet shoes are an obsession of mine, as you know Kittens, and are another symbol to me of the combination of beauty and power, pleasure and pain.

There are two versions of this piece – a soft coloured one against a white background and this one with the intense coloured one against the black background.

Flaming Whips - dark.
Flaming Whips – dark. by Lillylie
Find more Circus Posters at Zazzle

Prints are available in my Store and on Deviant Art

Pinup of the month Dec 2013 – ‘Off Pointe’

Well kittens it is that time of the month for the last time this year……no not THAT time, pinup of the month time!

December’s pinup is called ‘Off Pointe’ depicting a burlesque style ballet dancer in the process of getting out of her costume, especially her pointe shoes.

It was originally inspired by Dita Von Teese who trained as a ballet dancer as a child and today often performs En Pointe. Also a bit of the wonderful Cyd Charisse in there too.
I chose her to be pinup for December because this season makes me think of the ballet. Watching the nutcracker with my mother, and putting the little china dancer on the cristmas tree.
For most people this is the only time of the year when they might go to the ballet, or watch it on TV. That is a little sad, I am mildly obsessed with ballet and ballet dancers (as anyone who follows me on pintrest will be aware!

Anyway here she is, drawn in pencil and ink with digital finishing.  Click on the link below the picture to see her available as prints, wrapped canvas, posters, postcards and greetings cards. Today is the last day of the cyber Monday offer – buy 2 prints get 1 free.

burlesque pinup ballet dancer art
Off Pointe – December 2013 pinup by Lilly F Lie.

Have a gorgeous day kittens xxx

Pinup of the month -Nov 2013

Hello again Kittens, it is that time!
November is a weird month with nothing much going for it.  So I felt it deserved a pinup who was a bit different.
So without farther waffle here she is – ‘Blue’

punk pinup girl art 'blue' by Lilly F Lie
Pinup of the month Nov 2013 – Blue.

‘Blue’ by *Lilly-F-lie on deviantART

She is drawn in pencil and ink with some digital finishing. And is available as prints, canvas, postcards, magnets now.

Have a fabulous day Kittens xxx

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