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New Postcard Collections

Hello Kittens! We have two new sets of postcards available in the etsy store. Collection 1: Pinups with circle backgrounds. Collection 2: Pinups with bold backgrounds and Art Deco inspired corners. Bonus Postcard designs: These luscious lip designs! Find all of these postcards in the postcard section at Bad Kitten Pinups Etsy....

Vintage pinup style mermaid wit green tail and purple hair
Pinup Art, shopping

Mermaid Pinup Portrait Art

Hello Kittens! I have a new  pinup of the month for you. This Rainbow mermaid is a semi-self portrait! When I was a kid, and adults would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say "A mermaid"...which got me even more odd looks than usual. Rainbow Mermaid Fantasy Pinup… Continue reading Mermaid Pinup Portrait Art