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Pavlovian dog show?

Good morning Kittens, want to talk about an issue close to my heart, that people seem to have a mental block about….

The first priority of a human is to know yourself.  You cannot function at anything like your potential if you do not know who the Dickens you are. But it is not enough just to know, you have to show it, and be fearless.
We live in a society that sells us the idea that we are essentially  taking part in a huge dog show. That there is a “breed standard” list of requirements to be met and everyone we meet will have this list, and judge us against it. If we win all the points, we get married and live happily ever after…..Bullshit.  And the thing is you don’t need me to tell you that do you? so why is anyone going along with it?
If you ask a woman to describe her “soul mate” how often does she describe only their physical appearance? how often does she say “someone who will judge me on superficial and temporary criteria, and is mainly interested in sex and status” ?
Often or NEVER?!!!!
So where is the logic in making yourself miserable, striving to appear to be someone you are not, to attract a person who will love you for you are? …There is none.
There is no need to ask why the idea is sold, that is obvious…money, LOTS of money!. But why the disconnect in the public?  You can see it in many areas of society, not just this issue.  If I didn’t live in it, I would find this large scale Pavlovian  experiment impressive.

Of course there are people in this world who are what I like to call ‘symptom swatters’. They will agree with the superficial elements of this argument…thinking that they agree with it all…without looking for the root cause of the ‘symptoms’. Their response is to do the opposite of the ‘symptoms’, in this case they might shun makeup for example. They will say “be yourself, be natural”, which if you don’t think about feels like it should make sense (rule No.24 Never mistake feeling for thinking But as soon as you do think about it, it does not make sense. Because what does makeup actually change? the appearance of your skintone?, she shape of your bone structure?,  do these things define you?. Is the surface of your skin, colour of your hair, sharpness of your cheekbones  what defines “who your are”. ‘Course not!, we have already established that fact from the opposite direction. So why must you leave them ‘natural’ to “be yourself”?.
“Yourself” comes from inside, and makeup can be used as a way to express something from the inside, on the outside. Which can make it a damn site easier for like minded people to find you….that IS what you want isn’t it?.  Well it works, as long as it is genuinely coming from YOU.
So it is not the makeup that is ‘bad’ nor the clothes nor the word ‘beauty’. Here is what I think is ‘bad’ – Creating and/or accepting a reality where you are not encouraged to know yourself or develop strengths of your own, because all your focus is on  a ‘mask’ defined by someone else . The achievement and maintaining of that mask, and subsequent torturing yourself over why you don’t have what you want despite this effort, consumes you. And causes you to ‘consume’ more.
Break the conditioning, realize that there is no single standard of beauty, and the goal is not to be desired by all but loved by the ones that count.

Have a beautiful day Kittens xxx


Pinup hair – curls

Hi Kittens! Is it  Friday?
This week I am mostly working on props and staging for my Halloween party, as well as my costume obviously! What will you be dressing up as this year?
If a vintage look is your choice (for parties or everyday) you might like these videos.

For most vintage and pin-up girl hairstyles you start with curls. Few of us are blessed with the perfect curl though! We need a little help.
There is a knack to setting hair the traditional way, and getting it right is a must-do if you want an authentic look.

So here are three of my favorite videos on traditional curl setting methods. ….hot rollers and pincurls (the pinup pinnacle!)

This first video shows a 1940s or 50s style hot roller set. How to place the curlers (rollers), which direction to roll them in and how to tease the curls out afterwards.
I love this girl, she is so pretty. Pay attention to what she says bout how to place and roll the bangs and the back to get the Veronica Lake peekaboo hairstyle.
She is totally right about one set not being enough for long hair. I find that I need at least 2 sets for mine. Though I don’t usually use heated rollers myself I prefer flexible sponge rollers.

I have two packs of these and use them all the time. They are flexible enough for any curl style and soft enough to sleep in if you have to. Though heated rollers are faster, especially if your hair is stubborn at taking a curl. Same rolling and sectioning methods seen in the video can be used, whether heated or not.

This vid is part one of how to do pincurls. Pincurls are a really classic pinup hairstyle essential, but they are not so easy to do. This video explains how to do it really well. This girl is really subdued, I kinda find her voice a little hypnotic.LOL, You might feel really calm after this video.
Pay attention to how she explains the direction of the rolling and the pins. I recommend subscribing to strawberry Koi Vintage, she really has her bases covered when it comes to vintage hair.
This is a technique that can be used as a starting point for vintage hairstyles inspired by the 20s,30s,40s and 50s. Just depending on how you style it after it is curled. Very useful skill.

Last for this page is Vintage Strawberry Koi’s pincurl tutorial part 2. Here you see how the curls are teased out after pincurling, and gives some extra information about pincurling. She also explains well how to use your radial brush to get a certain effect.

If you want to take your vintage hairstyling farther, and aim for authenticity you might be interested in these hairdressing books.
This book is about Art Deco hairstyling, so looks of the 1920s and 1930s. The book describes and gives instructions for cutting and styling. It is more for hairdressers really, but it is helpful for anyone wanting a specific vintage style…even if just to show it to your hairdresser. Many of the old techniques, like the Marcel wave for example, have been forgotten. But thanks to films like the Great Gatsby (no comment) they are becoming popular again..


And if you prefer a later look you could try this book on 1940s hairstyling. Again it is useful for hairdressers, but there is plenty for the average vintage fan in here. They talk about wartime restrictions and other interesting facts that give you more background on the style, which, along with loads of pictures, makes this book worth it even if you don’t want to wear the styles everyday.


I like to understand the fundamentals of the vintage styles so I can create my own individual looks that say – Me – not just  – retro chick –
If you understand how something is done you can make the end result anything you want.  In beauty, like art, you can better break the rules if you know what they are in the first place!  hahaha

Have a fabulous day Kittens

Product review – Best red lipstick

Best red lipstick

Kittens, you know how I feel about red lippy. I started wearing it in my teens and have tried more types than I can remmember. Last time I posted about how to choose the right shade for you. Today I wanted to share my favorite brands with you.

Lipstick is one of the few cosmetics out there where you do get what you pay for, but don’t go mad. The highest profile brands don’t have a difference in quality that matches the price difference.

As a Vegan I have more to think about than “does the product look nice?”
There are obvoiusly less options to choose from if you prioritize ethical and/or health issues, but that does not mean the choices are inferior.

I have two current favorite vegan lipcolours right now –

Lip ink international henna lip stain. – Lip Ink lip colours

This stuff is as ethical as it gets, organic, cruelty free, vegan and kosher.
The lip stain is practically bullet proof and comes in loads of shades of red that can be mixed together to create any number of reds for any pinup.
It is a three part product though which makes it a bit more expensive than just a lipstick and it takes longer to apply.

First you use the cleanser , then a light layer of moisturizing gloss, then up to three layers of henna ink then the top coat of moisture gloss.

The ink, once you get the knack of using it, has the advantage of giving a really perfect outline that is hard to get with ordinary lipstick, and zero ‘bleeding’ risk. And while you have to reaply the gloss like any normal gloss, the stain will stay put through just about anything.
The only downside appart from the extra products is the ink can be drying. Well for me anyway. The gloss is really moisturizing, but like most lip gloss it does not last long enough.
So make sure you always have enough of the gloss on you at all times to keep it feeling comfortable.
On the pro side, the colours are fantatsic – I like lava red, and Plum red best. And the gloss is not sticky at all, so your hair won’t get stuck in it, and even if it does drag through you will not end up with a red streak accross your cheek.

LUSH – LUSH Cosmetics

LUSH are by far one of my favorite beauty companies. Years ago they teamed up with fellow ethical British company “never too busy to be beautiful”. They sold a wide and expensive collection of oarganic, natural, vegan, fairtrade makeup and perfume. I wore their lip stain. It was a compressed bright red powder in a little blue and white ceramic pot that looked like a mini tagine. You applied it with a wet brush. It really latsed but was dry, and if you wore it with gloss it didnt stay on.
The range was not a success and their stores were absorbed into the main LUSH chain.
Last year LUSH announced the release of their own vegan cosmetics range. Very exciting for a LUSH whore such as myself.
In true LUSH fashion everything in the range is in the same packaging and only the label indicates whats what. Also keeping in line with LUSH tradition it is as expensive as most high end brand ranges..but in this case you actually do get what you pay for, so it’s ok.
I have the liquid eye liner, mascara, a bronze shade of liquid eyeshadow and the red lipcolour called “Decicive”. I love this stuff It is some of the best makeup I have ever used. Together with my afterglow mineral powder and butter London nail varnish I don’t need anything else anymore.

The only complaint I could have would be that the applicators do not always stay in the caps properly and fall into the bottle…somewhat vexing when in a hurry, so in my case all the time.
And as the lip colour is matte, many may not like it. I like it though, obviously a matte finish looks more authentic with vintage. Plus the range does not have lip liner so if you want to avoid feathering or bleeding then you need to use your own liner… I like Manic Panic.

If you don’t like the look of solid lipstick, but still want the impact of red colour, try this – put on a layer of good quality lip balm over your whole lips (I like shea butter) then a light touch of red liner over the top. A great daytime look…just dont let your hair track through it!.

have a fabulous day Kittens

Lilly xxx

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Red Is A Girl’s Best Friend – picking the right shade of red for you.

Red is a girls best friend. Getting the right red for your lips.

Hi Kittens! Hope all the Goths had a perfect Goth Day yesterday.
I am, as promised, continuning to post the most popular pages from my old site over here. Today – Why choose red lipstick and how to pick the right shade for you.

Red lips kiss my blues away posters
Red lips kiss my blues away posters by Photoartproducts
Check out Kiss Posters online at zazzle

Red lip stick is a pinup girls best friend indeed. Forget diamonds kittens, they have nothing on this ultimate beauty essential.

I am so passionate about the virtues of red lipstick that I am practically an evangelist on the subject. The lips of all my pinup art girls are always painted in a bright red ink of my own colour mix, regardless of the colours (or lack of) in the rest of the piece. To my mind it is the only colour (well if I am really honest that is not true..I do wear black lipstick on occasion, but black is not a ‘colour’ really).
But loads of women say to me “I wish I could wear red, but it doesn’t suit me”. Sorry kittnes but that is rubbish!
There are hundreds of different shades of red to choose from, right across the hot, medium and cool spectrums, so there is one to suit everyone. The only thing to stop you going red is if you cant handle the attention!

The virtues of red lipstick include, but are not restricted to, the following:

* It makes your teeth look whiter. The red colour next to your teeth creates an optical illusion that makes them look white, whereas peachy colours have the opposite effect.

* It creates instant and effortless retro glam. There is no better way than red lipstick to go from everyday boring to vintage glam icon in one move.

* It makes you feel sexy and more confident. Red on the lips might seem like nothing important but the colour, according to colour therapists, can make you feel increased confidence and energy. I can attest to this myself and have seen it in others on many occasions.

* It will get you attention at any occasion. This is a great double benefit to go with your increased confidence.

* It makes your lips look fuller if you apply it correctly

* It has the best staying power of any other colour. Red outlasts other colours through a meal in my experience.

Sold on it? …Excellent.

So how do you know what shade of red lipstick is the right one for you? Well like all colour choices you take your skin tone into consideration first, and the effect you want second. Don’t rush out and buy the one Dita wore in your favourite photo if you don’t have her colouring, because you will probably be disappointed. And we are aiming for sex kitten not kids party clown!

Skin tone is not just a matter of defining your skin as light, medium or dark… or even just warm or cool. You must really look at your skin objectively. Tonal depth is first- decide light, medium or dark. Then- decide warm or cool. Then – look deeper and ask yourself what other colours can you see within the mix? Can you see blue tones? Green tones? Pink perhaps? or gold?. It is these underlying colours that give your skin tone its unique overall appearance, and these which define what shades you should choose.

There are 3 main red zones – cherry reds, red reds (think fire trucks) and wine reds

*Pinups with blue and pinky tones in their skin can happily wear cherry reds. Cherry reds are fruity, flirty, like the candied cherries in a cocktail

* green tones, olive skin, can wear red-reds. These are as red as you can get and include the orange end of the spectrum. They are hot and spicy.

* very dark skin or gold tones can wear wine reds. Wine reds are rich, deep, sultry, like an expensive claret.

All the main reds have combination colours inbetween them to join up the red rainbow so don’t feel confined to just one colour. Try the testers on your wrist, not the back of your hand when buying red lipstick. The inner wrist skin colour is closer to that of your face colour than the back of your hand, which tends to be a bit darker. Pure primary red lipsticks suit most everyone, but purplish wine colours look terrible on pink skin, fire orange reds look terrible on very dark skin and pink reds look terrible on olive skin.

Always Remember that you can actually mix two lipsticks together to get the perfect colour for you. So if you already have a colour that you don’t like, try mixing it with another before you throw it out, it could surprise you. Use a lip brush for this, you don’t want a squishy mess.

Have a fabulous day Kittens xxx

Teal Tips

Throughout March 2013 Barry M will be donating 50% of all sales of the Barry M Gelly Watermelon nail polish to Ovarian cancer charity Ovacome.
Click here to see the colour…

Teal Tips.

Clip-in bangs

Product review – Clip- in bangs.

Hi Kittens, Afew weeks ago I was playing with the idea…as I often do on and off…of having bangs cut into my hair.
The theory being that it might make the 1930s hairstyles I like easier to do with my hip-length hair (because cutting it short is not an option… not now – not never, so don’t ask!)

But we all know how much of a commitment and potential disaster bangs can be, don’t we.

So I did a bit of research and bought a fake fringe!

I chose the clip-in bangs from from the ‘Hairdo’ collection by ‘Hair you wear’. Affiliated with a celebrity stylist I have never heard of called Ken Paves, endorsed by a celebrity I am not a fan of. The reason I chose this one was the three pressure sensitive clips and the claim that the synthetic hair is styleable.

The hairpiece is really long so you can cut it to the right length for your face and style. Some people may not like having to do is a bit scary cutting into something you just bought. But go a little at a time and it comes out really nice.

The foundation is triangular with three pressure clips. These clips are much better than regular ones which just slide in. These slide in then just press down and they clamp closed over your hair. Much more secure, especially on my quite fine hair.
The triangular shape is easier to blend into your natural hair than the straight types.

clip-in bangs hairpiece -side view
clip-in bangs from the side – can see where I added the black for blending.
clip-in bangs hairpiece -front
Clip-in bangs in ginger brown – front.
clip-in bangs hairpiece back.
underside of clip-in bangs with 3 pressure clips.

I have medium auburn hair naturally, enhanced with henna. So I chose “ginger brown/light red brown”. The colour matched the lengths of my hair which is more sun-bleached but was too light against my roots. The hair is a mix of 7 to 11 different shades apparently, but each strand is the same colour from root to tip, which most people’s hair is not. I saw this said in one of the customer reviews on Amazon too.
So what I did was put some black mascara on the root area. I put it on lightly and blended it in as much as possible. It blended in better that way.
(sorry about the strange red lighting in my room…and the dirty mirror…the shame!)

My hair before clip-in bangs
My hair before clip-in bangs
with bangs in
with bangs in

bangs arfter1

It is really easy to put in, is really secure, not itchy or annoying. I was very aware of it brushing my forehead for the first day. Just like if you put on long false nails and have to figure out overnight how to type, rather than if they grew over time.

I have worn it both up and down, it looks good both ways and you have to look really close o see the join, which you could hide with a scarf or decorative clip.

The package claims that this is the only synthetic hair that can be blown out, flat ironed and curled. Low heats obviously. I have not tried that yet as my hair is quite straight naturally. But I will try putting a marcell wave in it for 20s/30s hairstyles.

I have decided that although I like the look, as does my husband, that I don’t want to get my hair cut. Now that I have the option of bangs whenever I want I will stick with this for now.
I think I will get another one in black, as I like to switch between my natural colour and Manic panic black.

I will post more (better) pictures with different up-dos and test the bangs with heat stylers as soon as I can.

What do you think?

have a fabulous day kittens,
Lilly xxx

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