Hello Kittens.

It feels like the world gets more insane and out of touch with its self every day. I find myself having responses to things that I should never let bother me. So I need to remind myself of my own rules, take a step back and let that Facebook status scroll on by.

This is a selection of some my most important rules….rules for myself, I am not dictating to you. I am sharing them partly because people ask a lot of questions about things I do and the content of my films.

If it does not make sense for you then that’s fine, but in writing this I am not attacking you, so there is no need to attack me. If you do, don’t expect me to care. I did not fight to survive the miss-wiring of my own brain to waste my time talking in circles.
OK so on to the 24 rules of Lie.(LOL)…
(each rule will be expanded on separately, if there is a link under the rule click it for a discussion.)
*1. If you try to imitate someone’s style, you will waste precious time and always be second best to them.
*2. Knowledge is the best thing to collect. It is all that is really worth anything. Some knowledge  will spark something in you that pushes your limits. The rest will simply remain part of your collection, but all has value.

*3. Formaldehyde is not required to learn from the past. Preserving the things left behind is not always of any value to the present.

*4. Know yourself – the good and the bad – make your priorities and use your strengths, while minding your weaknesses.  Act in line with your goals.

*5. Is a secret

*6. Never assume someone has an attitude problem before considering they simply have a problem with you.

*7. Your choices are yours, even if you make them for someone else.  Own your choices It’s liberation.

*8. Never take by force what can be obtained by stealth or persuasion. It is a waste of energy.(Slytherin rules!)

*9. Cognitive dissonance is impossible to argue against. Do not waste your time.

*10. Control is everything – do not give it up easily…but when you do make sure it is delicious!

*11. Do not be impressed by words, they mean nothing in themselves. Only your intent gives them meaning. And remember that the purest words can spoken by an evil tongue just the same and nothing will drop off.  So the words not only mean nothing, they prove nothing. This does not however excuse the incorrect use of the forms of your/you’re.

*12. Nothing is always bad. All things (root actions) are neutral – Just like words are meaningless until you intend to express something. Things can be either a good idea or a bad idea depending on the parameters of the situation.

*13.  There is no fate but that you make yourself. The idea that things “happen for a reason” is based in the fact that things/people come in your life, mess up your plans, for better or worse, and you learn something or become stronger or find a better way forward. All that proves is that humans are an adaptable species…it’s our only super power. Don’t sell yourself short (and your whole species too!)  by crediting some invisible puppet master for what you did yourself. Reality is more impressive than fairy stories.

*14. We do not “suffer from” depression we live with it. It does not make you weak or selfish.

*15. Truths learned are worth more than the truths told to you. This works both ways – words are not always the best way to inspire or share wisdom.

*16. Remember that your memories…all of them…are imperfect recreations, they are not absolute truth no matter how strongly you feel.  Your reality experience is a bubble unique to you and shaped by your perception, brain patterns and beliefs. Which also makes it flawed and incomplete. As it is for all those around you.  – It is an important thing to remember when someone says or does something you do not like or understand.

*17. If you don’t remind yourself every day that you WILL die, then you might as well kill yourself.  Live as though you will die tomorrow, Learn as though you will live forever.

*18. Repression breeds perversion. Sexuality is fluid.

*19. Fantasy is a valid life experience in it’s own right. It is not inferior to “real life”.

*20. Time is a human construct, the universe does not care that it is 2pm Tuesday. It is a tool..useful for all kinds of practical applications…..like hot dates. But don’t give it more importance than it deserves. Remember things will take as long as they take and that’s that. And  how old someone is is less important than who they are.

*21.  Gender should be a non issue. You are not defined by the sexual responses of those you encounter. You remain you regardless. Do not let anyone tell you, you are less than, because you do not meet their preferred presets.

*22. Don’t be ashamed of fear. Natural Fear is good, it tells you something…listen and act. Just don’t let it rule you. Courage is when you feel the fear but decide ‘the something’ is more important.

*23. You are not what you love. You are not what you do. You are not what you wear. You are not what you own. These trappings are not a problem in themselves, but they can ‘trap’ the real you if you let them. Don’t be owned.

*24. The most important rule of them all – think before you speak, think before you judge, think before you act. Do not fall into the trap of confusing feeling with thinking. Never – stop -thinking.

I could elaborate to the point of necro-equine abuse. But I am going to leave it at that.

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