Source: Burlesque Performer: You Are Not A Sex Worker – 21st Century Burlesque Magazine

Afternoon Kittens!. Really interesting article from 21st century Burlesque Magazine here.
I have heard a lot of performers lately talking about this issue of whether to call Burlesque “sex work”.  On one hand you have the argument that Burlesque thinks of its self as above sex workers, calling it’s self “Art” . That is a problem, if true. Sex work does need to be seen in a more rational manner IMO. And those involved in it deserve all the same respect as anyone else. This demonizing of sex is unhealthy, it always has been, and it is responsible for far too many wrongs through history.
So, as the writer said, showing support for sex workers is a positive thing. As is not looking down on others for one thing when what you do has a common element (that common element here though is skin, basically. And I am in the camp for whom the automatic connection of skin = sex = bad, does not ring true at all and should be fought. But that is probably another post.)
Though I must say that in the right hands Burlesque is indeed ‘Art’ (though, speaking as an artist, that is no reason to look down on anyone) .

This line really summed it up for me “Is the sole aim of your job the sexual gratification of someone else? If not, you’re not a sex worker. ” I know a lot of burlesque performers and I have never once heard or seen anything that indicated that is the way they feel about  what they do.

So go check it out, really interesting topic – Not a sex worker. Article 21st century burlesque.