Hello Kittens, how the devil are you?
I want to talk about talking, or rather communicating. Featured image
I don’t always talk much. It is nothing personal, and I know the ones who matter know that, so I’m not worried.
But I do sometimes need to share things, if only to make them stop buzzing so I can concentrate. This is one of those times so bear with me.

One of the reasons I don’t talk much, is the one you already assume. You are not wrong. But there is a second reason. I process information in what is apparently an odd way. I dragnet….I hoard…then I sort, dismantle and edit. Then I meditate then I speak..(not always in words). This means that on one side I find value in almost everything, and on the other I rarely get involved in real-time discussions. Basically I am so INTP it’s a joke!

But what I was thinking about just now was this – there is a delicate balance to be maintained when expressing something. On one hand you want your intent to be communicated successfully, but on the other you do not want to hand it on a plate. Why you ask? well let me try to explain what I mean without sounding too pretentious.

We all want to be understood. Perhaps being understood is more important than being accepted. I can accept many things I don’t understand, and I am sure you all do too. And we should. But doesn’t it feel so much better when you know you are being understood, more than merely accepted?
Though Chief Aramaki makes a good point when he says “Understanding is in principle solely based on wishful thinking.” Still.
As an artist the biggest part of how I define art is the artist’s intent and how well it is communicated. We are responsible for communicating our intent and the audience is not “stupid” for not ‘getting-it’.
I recently made a statement on the expression “casting pearls before swine”. Obviously everyone knows this means giving art or information to an audience unable or unwilling to appreciate it. My view is that “casting pearls before swine” is infinitely preferable to keeping them locked up in a box where no one can find them. People will take what they will take, that part is not up to you. How you “cast” your “pearls” is.

An example that buzzed in my head while walking the dog this morning was in the choice of language. Anyone who follows me knows I have a love/hate relationship with language and always urge anyone not to give words so much power.
The use of a word changes through time and from place to place, yes?. So if I used one of my favorite words,  ‘Weird’, when my intent was to communicate something relating to an older use of the word? – In early use weird meant destiny…having power over destiny and the fates. It later came to mean “not of this earth”. In my native  Scotland it was commonly used as a name for a witch. Then eventually the modern use for anything out of the ordinary or hard to explain or even undesirable. So if my intent was to communicate something about having the power to control destiny, I could use the word weird and be technically correct. But I could not expect to be widely understood or understood right away. As understandably, most people would interpret the word the way they use it.
There are reasons to choose to do this. One would be either because I wanted an excuse to call people stupid, or I was trying to communicate with a specific group of people, like a coded message. The latter idea appeals to me, and is what most artists do if we are honest.  The former is obviously the sign of an asshole.

Why then would we not be explicitly clear in everything we try to communicate? why then risk not being understood?. It is not that you would deprive yourself of some point scoring victory over others. But that you deprive them of something fundamentally important about being human………
Figuring your own shit out and creating your own reality.

Have a really beautiful day Kittens xxx