I know I have been neglecting you Kittens, sorry about that. As you know I am working on my new film “Fiat Lux” right now.
But I have new news from my Etsy pinup art store.

I am now able to offer custom printing options on my commission portrait art. And will very soon be adding a whole new collection of pinup art prints, postcards, bookmarks and more. Plus I am using paper puppets in my latest film, and have decided to combine my illustration work with my animation work to create original artwork, jointed paper doll puppets. These beautiful collectable dolls will be available on my store before the end of the year, so look out for those!

Right now Commissions are again open, you can find an active listing for a simple pinup here https://www.etsy.com/listing/89319621/custom-vintage-style-pinup-girl-portrait?

Have a fabulous day
Lilly xxx

burlesque pinup ballet dancer art
Off Pointe – December 2013 pinup by Lilly F Lie.