Hello Kittens, sorry it has been so long between posts. When I am animating I lose track of time…when you can spend an hour inside a second it changes your relationship with linear time.
But still, sorry, I will endeavor to keep up to date.

Today I am launching the Pin-up of the month for January 2014.
She is called “Flaming Whips”. She is inspired by the Art Deco statues of nubile dancing girls in …ummm…exuberant …poses. When I drew her I felt she needed a pair of performance whips to continue the line of her movement.

I love bullwhips, in the right hands they are so elegant and powerful. The ballet shoes are an obsession of mine, as you know Kittens, and are another symbol to me of the combination of beauty and power, pleasure and pain.

There are two versions of this piece – a soft coloured one against a white background and this one with the intense coloured one against the black background.

Flaming Whips - dark.
Flaming Whips – dark. by Lillylie
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