Logic and Beauty are the only authority figures I recognize ….and beauty is her truest self when at the limit of her endurance.

Hello Kittens, hope your holidays are going swimmingly!

Been thinking about rebellion today for no important reason, just cabin fever I suspect.
Was considering an idea that when you think about it, there are two rebellions……

1- The “perception of rebellion” on the individual from the outside. When there is an established norm, an expected behavior, and someone acts outside or contrary to it, they are seen as a rebel. They are seen this way whatever their own intent and often regardless of context. It is the end result that counts.

2- The “act of rebellion” from the individual to the outside. When someone chooses to act contrary to expectations for some reason, and with an expectation of conflict.

But what about the third option? there is always  a third option, or I’m not INTP….which I am, so there is……..good argument Lilly! lol.

The third option is one I have experience with. I never had conservative parents. I was brought up around musicians, artists and writers. They treated me like a person more than a ‘child’. I was used to my thoughts and feelings being relevant, used to being heard and respected and trusted. So the idea that an adult could tell me what to do and I had no say was just alien to me. (except for one quirk of my mother’s that appeared in my early teens and led to most of our fights – she was proud of the fact that I thought for myself  but embarrassed by the reactions of other people to that. She wished I would make more of an effort to play along with the expectations of others rather than expecting them to accept me the way I am. Always a tough call that one, where do you draw the line between being polite and betraying yourself so someone else does not have to think about you. Needless to say in my early teens I saw no need for the line in the first place! haha)
But I digress.
In my reality I could speak my mind and asses each situation on individual merits. I didn’t court controversy or conflict and was, for years, suprized when It came my way.  That was when I was a child, obviously I became aware as I got older.
In order to conform to the “act of rebellion” as defined above (ow!!!) you need to be aware that you are doing it. But if you never acknowledged the authority/norm you are acting against, then is it really rebellion? can you call it rebellion if you are just being yourself without considering the authority/norms? or is that lack of external consideration a rebellion in its self?

Certainly the end result is the same and  no matter what an individual’s motivation, their behavior can inspire ‘real’ rebellion in others.

Sorry Kittens, I am not really going anywhere with this, just thinking…what do you think?