Good morning Kittens, want to talk about an issue close to my heart, that people seem to have a mental block about….

The first priority of a human is to know yourself.  You cannot function at anything like your potential if you do not know who the Dickens you are. But it is not enough just to know, you have to show it, and be fearless.
We live in a society that sells us the idea that we are essentially  taking part in a huge dog show. That there is a “breed standard” list of requirements to be met and everyone we meet will have this list, and judge us against it. If we win all the points, we get married and live happily ever after…..Bullshit.  And the thing is you don’t need me to tell you that do you? so why is anyone going along with it?
If you ask a woman to describe her “soul mate” how often does she describe only their physical appearance? how often does she say “someone who will judge me on superficial and temporary criteria, and is mainly interested in sex and status” ?
Often or NEVER?!!!!
So where is the logic in making yourself miserable, striving to appear to be someone you are not, to attract a person who will love you for you are? …There is none.
There is no need to ask why the idea is sold, that is obvious…money, LOTS of money!. But why the disconnect in the public?  You can see it in many areas of society, not just this issue.  If I didn’t live in it, I would find this large scale Pavlovian  experiment impressive.

Of course there are people in this world who are what I like to call ‘symptom swatters’. They will agree with the superficial elements of this argument…thinking that they agree with it all…without looking for the root cause of the ‘symptoms’. Their response is to do the opposite of the ‘symptoms’, in this case they might shun makeup for example. They will say “be yourself, be natural”, which if you don’t think about feels like it should make sense (rule No.24 Never mistake feeling for thinking But as soon as you do think about it, it does not make sense. Because what does makeup actually change? the appearance of your skintone?, she shape of your bone structure?,  do these things define you?. Is the surface of your skin, colour of your hair, sharpness of your cheekbones  what defines “who your are”. ‘Course not!, we have already established that fact from the opposite direction. So why must you leave them ‘natural’ to “be yourself”?.
“Yourself” comes from inside, and makeup can be used as a way to express something from the inside, on the outside. Which can make it a damn site easier for like minded people to find you….that IS what you want isn’t it?.  Well it works, as long as it is genuinely coming from YOU.
So it is not the makeup that is ‘bad’ nor the clothes nor the word ‘beauty’. Here is what I think is ‘bad’ – Creating and/or accepting a reality where you are not encouraged to know yourself or develop strengths of your own, because all your focus is on  a ‘mask’ defined by someone else . The achievement and maintaining of that mask, and subsequent torturing yourself over why you don’t have what you want despite this effort, consumes you. And causes you to ‘consume’ more.
Break the conditioning, realize that there is no single standard of beauty, and the goal is not to be desired by all but loved by the ones that count.

Have a beautiful day Kittens xxx