Hello Kittens, happy Friday!

I, kittens, am an introvert.
Over the years I have tried to varying degrees of success to describe it and to explain what our “deal is” with social interaction.
A friend shared this on facebook  with the statement “whoever made this deserves a medal”. And it is true, they do indeed.

Check it out – http://themetapicture.com/how-to-interact-with-the-introverted/

I cannot believe how perfect this is ….aaand am slightly vexed that I didn’t think of explaining it this way years ago! LOL.

So for my fellow ‘I’ types here is how you explain it easily. And for my dear opposite ‘E’ types this is what is going on. Now you know how to deal, and that our silence is not an insult.

Have an energized day Kittens…however you get yours xxx

Edit – Wow there is a lot of negativity in the comments under that cartoon isn’t there!
People are so odd. For the ones saying “don’t label people” introvert is not a label it is personality type. Everyone has some percentage of introvert and extrovert, which one is dominant will influence your reactions to every day situations. So understanding it will help you understand yourself and your reactions better as well as understand the reactions of those different to you. It is a real thing, and saying that things are “different” is not saying one is better than the other…seriously we HAVE TO STOP THINKING THAT WAY.
For the ones saying “I shouldn’t have to cater to introverts, why shouldn’t they cater to me”. I am tempted to simply say grow the hell up. I am admittedly confused as to how they got an attack they feel they need to defend themselves against from a humorous explanation of  what it is like to be someone with a different personality type. It is about helping both introverts and extroverts to interact more comfortably for all involved. What is so terrible about understanding people different to you? what is threatening about realizing that what works for you does not work for everyone? . You never heard the expression “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”? . Introverts are not being difficult on purpose. In fact we make a great deal of effort  to accommodate the needs of our extroverted loved ones…effort that can go un-noticed and un-appreciated by the extrovert if they do not understand the introvert personality type. Which is the purpose of the cartoon!
And those who say  things like lecturers or performers can’t be introverts need to read the cartoon again. They do not understand introverts and have simply brought their preconceptions and saw what they wanted to in the cartoon. Introversion is not shyness and it is not fear. So it has nothing to do with performing before an audience. Being on stage in most set-ups is more of a one way communication of something you have prepared for and are confident in and passionate about.  That has nothing in common with going bowling or to a bridal shower.

My husband and several of my friends are extroverts. I would never ask them to do the things that ‘give me energy’ because I know they would not get what I get from them. And if they tell me doing something is important to them I will be there, even if it is something I hate. I don’t see how hoping for the same in return could be seen as insulting to them (as some of those comments suggest). My husband may not relate to how I feel, but he knows  and understands what the best way to handle me is, and I for him. Our differences balance each other out and can, with understanding and respect, make us stronger together than we were apart……imagine if that could be the whole human race……

Anyway  I have work to do – making puppet parts today. Will update you soon.