Hi Kittens Today’s homemade Halloween prop is a bottle of Skele-Grow as described in the Harry Potter books.

In the books Skele-Grow is said to come in a large bottle. In the film the bottle is in the shape of a skeleton torso with a scull stopper.
It is for re-growing missing bones. It smokes when poured and is said to be foul tasting, Harry spat it out when first given it, to which Madam Pomphrey said “what did you expect? Pumpkin juice?”
It is a slow acting remedy that takes all night to painfully regrow the lost bones. The sensation is described as feeling like a million splinters inside the arm.

I used the film prop as an inspiration, as I did with the mandrake root . But as with the mandrake I was not trying to get it 100% perfect, just recognizable for a party prop.
As I said in the post on making my wand prop, stop motion animators never grow out of this stuff. Being able to make our own worlds from scratch is what we do. so Halloween is made for us!.
And being both and animator and a vintage loving Goth makes it ‘Halloween every day’ round our place I guess!!

OK so here it is –

DIY Halloween party Harry Potter theme Skele-grow magic potion bottle prop and potion ingredients display.
Potion bottle and potion ingredients.

The other items in this display were mostly home made too – The labels were printed, the jars we already had were filled with various Halloween bits. The scrolls are just torn lengths of drawing paper rolled up with a wax seal. The books are made from food boxes (like cereal boxes) with a cardboard tube cut open and stuck to one end to form a ‘spine’, covered with packing paper and painted. The faux candles are described in a previous post – . And the skeletons under ‘glass’ domes are just cheap tiny plastic skeletons on a disk of card, Spanish moss, a mini plastic pumpkin, under the top half of a 2L plastic soda bottle with some paper tied over the cap.

fairy pixi skeleton under 'glass' dome cloche diy halloween part prop.
Fairy/pixi skeletons under ‘glass’

For the Skele-Grow bottle I stared with a cardboard tube stuck to the top of a small empty fabric spool. The spool had had organza scarfing on it, the kind you use for Christmas decorating. I cut slits on the top of the cardboard tube and pushed them in together to form a ‘shoulder’.

diy Harry Potter Halloween party prop. Skele-grow potion bottle.


Then I rolled up some kitchen foil to make the arms and balled some more into the shape of a scull.

Tin foil scull for Skele-grow bottle



I rolled a smaller piece of card to form the neck of the bottle, then wrapped the body of the bottle in drywall tape (can also use masking tape).



Now it is covered with paper mache clay

cover in clay
cover in clay


scull with clay coat
scull with clay coat

Once the clay was dry I sanded it smooth then added the bones. I made the bones from tightly rolled tissue paper dipped in watered down paper mache mixture (basic flour and water mix, can add PVA glue if you want. This is different to the paper mache clay which uses a version of the recipe from the site http://www.ultimatepapermacheclay.com)
I carefully laid each paper worm where I wanted it. The film prop is slightly larger than my one so I added fewer ribs, just enough to get the look I wanted.
Then I used the papermache clay to sculpt some finger outlines at the end of the arms.

'bones' added


Once that was dry I painted it with a mix of white and burnt sienna. Then once that was dry I used  colouring pencils to shade in between the bones.

colour added

Finally I wrote the label on in black ink. In the film the label says – ” 1100 drops. Bone Regenerator. SKELE-GROW. Bone-fide results every time. Sold only by Reubens Winkius and Company Inc”

I think it’s kind of cute
Have a great day Kittens…and remember no foolish wand waving or silly incantations! haha