Hi kittens, happy Friday!
As promised I am continuing to share the DIY stuff I am doing for Halloween. If any of you are not interested in Halloween I am sorry, but there are going to be a bunch of these posts.
Halloween is very important to me, and I think that is true of most artists, and definitely animators! We animators are eternal children. We have to keep our sense of childish wonder, imagination and desire to play with dolls!!! LOL.
We create worlds in our heads and feel a life-devouring need to see them come to life…to touch them.

Add to that that we can fairly be called “frustrated actors” because we are ‘acting’ but not in our own person AND add to it that to do what we do you need to have the skills to make almost anything you can imagine from scratch. This makes Halloween our kind of party!

As stated in the Flameless party candles this year’s theme is witchcraft and wizardry, so I had to make myself a wand…obviously!

DIY homemade witch or wizard magic wand costume party prop.
Half painted wand prop.
DIY homemade witch or wizard magic wand costume party prop.
Painted magic wand prop.

I made the wand by rolling two sheets of newspaper diagonally into a narrow cone shape. Wrapped this in masking tape, with extra around the ‘handle’ part to give it volume.
Then I mixed up a small batch of paper mache clay, using a similar recipe to the one on the site http://ultimatepapermache.com/paper-mache-clay.

Once dry I sanded it smooth and painted it with acrylic paint. I mixed two parts black to one part burnt sienna. One half at a time so it could dry without sticking.

DIY homemade witch or wizard magic wand costume party prop with wire decoration.
Wire decoration on wand prop
DIY homemade witch or wizard magic wand costume party prop.
Finished wand prop

Once the paint was dry I wanted to add some decoration. But as my character is not flashy, and kind of spiky I chose something simple. So I Simply wrapped some silver coloured armature wire around the base of the handle. Secured with some glue.
It is very hard and should hold up well.
I am happy with it, though I feel I should have rolled the paper a little bit tighter , to make it a little bit narrower.
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Have a freaky Friday Kittens xxx