Hello Kittens,
This is a great post from the Lingerie addict about a rarely talked about issue in corsets. If you are new to corsets or you have had bad experiences with them…like excessive pain in the ribs or hip area for example. Or if you thought you had the wrong body type or were “too big” to wear a corset, you want to read this post on “squishyness”

In the corset world those of us who wear corsets a lot or have been wearing them for a long time, have naturally come to understand our bodies and what corset styles give us the best results. I for example have minimal compress-ability in my ribcage and an average “waist length”, plus rather well developed oblique muscles.
This makes the best corset shape for me ones that can be called “wasp waisted” – cuts that focus their compression on the area between the bottom of the ribs and the hip bones. This produces a look that many think is extreme but it is actually very comfortable.

I learned this through trial and error, so I have corsets in my collection that I never wear because they are the wrong fit for me. I think this is true of most long term corset wearers, and I doubt that left to choose on their own, that many first time wearers get the right the shape. So I don’t know why we don’t talk about this little detail more often, why it is not in the buying guide of every corset site? After all it is an expensive mistake, and one that can put someone off corsets altogether.

Well read this post and you can have the last bit of knowledge you need to know which shapes will work for you and never buy the wrong one again.

Corset Talk: It’s Hip to Be Squishy.