Hello Kittens!
This week I have been working entirely on the props and costume bits for Halloween .
Thought I would share some of what I have finished-

These are faux pillar candles with flameless LED candles. Because Kittens let’s be honest here….if you are having a Halloween party then you are either surrounded by children or drunk people, which is pretty much the same!
So you don’t want open flames .

I saw this done in black with hotglue on pintrest. I decided to make them white and use real wax.

 DIY Faux Halloween no-flame pillar candles. DIY faux candle decoration -closeup

They are really easy to make. I have been collecting cardboard tubes from toilet paper and kitchen paper for months.
I painted them white, one coat. Then cut them all to size and shaped the tops then added another coat of paint. To get a pleasing display you need different heights.
While the paint was still wet I arranged them together in groups – I made enough to hold 61 LED tealights in groups of 3 to 6 – the paint making them stick together. They are set up on a layer of brown paper which will serve as a base.

Once dry and stuck together , I melted white tapers (keeping an eye on the flame at all times…didn’t really want to burn the house down!) Dripped the wax onto the ‘candles’ till I liked the look. And let it pool at the bases.

Once all the wax is set hard I gently cut the paper round each set, being careful not to break any of the wax.
Then stuffed the tubes with white tissue paper to support the candles.

I like the way they turned out.
The party theme this year is witchcraft and wizardry, so these will be everywhere. I will post pics of the finished effect.

Have a great day Kittens xxx