Hi Kittens! Is it  Friday?
This week I am mostly working on props and staging for my Halloween party, as well as my costume obviously! What will you be dressing up as this year?
If a vintage look is your choice (for parties or everyday) you might like these videos.

For most vintage and pin-up girl hairstyles you start with curls. Few of us are blessed with the perfect curl though! We need a little help.
There is a knack to setting hair the traditional way, and getting it right is a must-do if you want an authentic look.

So here are three of my favorite videos on traditional curl setting methods. ….hot rollers and pincurls (the pinup pinnacle!)

This first video shows a 1940s or 50s style hot roller set. How to place the curlers (rollers), which direction to roll them in and how to tease the curls out afterwards.
I love this girl, she is so pretty. Pay attention to what she says bout how to place and roll the bangs and the back to get the Veronica Lake peekaboo hairstyle.
She is totally right about one set not being enough for long hair. I find that I need at least 2 sets for mine. Though I don’t usually use heated rollers myself I prefer flexible sponge rollers.

I have two packs of these and use them all the time. They are flexible enough for any curl style and soft enough to sleep in if you have to. Though heated rollers are faster, especially if your hair is stubborn at taking a curl. Same rolling and sectioning methods seen in the video can be used, whether heated or not.

This vid is part one of how to do pincurls. Pincurls are a really classic pinup hairstyle essential, but they are not so easy to do. This video explains how to do it really well. This girl is really subdued, I kinda find her voice a little hypnotic.LOL, You might feel really calm after this video.
Pay attention to how she explains the direction of the rolling and the pins. I recommend subscribing to strawberry Koi Vintage, she really has her bases covered when it comes to vintage hair.
This is a technique that can be used as a starting point for vintage hairstyles inspired by the 20s,30s,40s and 50s. Just depending on how you style it after it is curled. Very useful skill.

Last for this page is Vintage Strawberry Koi’s pincurl tutorial part 2. Here you see how the curls are teased out after pincurling, and gives some extra information about pincurling. She also explains well how to use your radial brush to get a certain effect.

If you want to take your vintage hairstyling farther, and aim for authenticity you might be interested in these hairdressing books.
This book is about Art Deco hairstyling, so looks of the 1920s and 1930s. The book describes and gives instructions for cutting and styling. It is more for hairdressers really, but it is helpful for anyone wanting a specific vintage style…even if just to show it to your hairdresser. Many of the old techniques, like the Marcel wave for example, have been forgotten. But thanks to films like the Great Gatsby (no comment) they are becoming popular again..


And if you prefer a later look you could try this book on 1940s hairstyling. Again it is useful for hairdressers, but there is plenty for the average vintage fan in here. They talk about wartime restrictions and other interesting facts that give you more background on the style, which, along with loads of pictures, makes this book worth it even if you don’t want to wear the styles everyday.


I like to understand the fundamentals of the vintage styles so I can create my own individual looks that say – Me – not just  – retro chick –
If you understand how something is done you can make the end result anything you want.  In beauty, like art, you can better break the rules if you know what they are in the first place!  hahaha

Have a fabulous day Kittens