I love corsets as you know Kittens. One of the best sources online for reliable info on waist training is the lovely Miss Lucy.  I am a huge fan of her corset videos.

I have been wearing corsets since my mid teens and waist training, on and off, for years. Recently there seems to have been an upsurge in anti-corset sentiment again. Those of us who wear corsets are getting more negative comments about looking “unnatural”  and “doing harm” to our bodies.
I want to make it clear that while everyone is different, there is a right corset for everyone. And a well fitting, sensibly worn, properly laced corset is not painful and  does not damage your body. Your organs are designed by nature to move, or pregnancy would be impossible. When you remove your corset they go back to where they were.  And even if it was dangerous it would be none of your business if someone wanted to do it, as it does not effect you in any way.
A smaller community called Tightlacers, whose goal is to have the narrowest possible laced waist, wear very tight  custom made corsets as much as 23 -24 hours a day. There are some health risks from doing this. Digestive issues, reduced lung capacity, a weakening of certain abdominal/oblique muscles. But in my view this is their right to choose. None of those health issues are really so serious that they deserve the hysterical reaction, they get.  It is disproportionate I think.
Just because something looks ‘shocking’ to you does not mean it is wrong, and it certainly does not give you the right to attack it.

 red corset, hourglass
One of my underbust corsets in red satin and the eternal darkness o my bedroom…lol.

Comments are not always negative though. There are always lovers of corsets who get it, and those who are interested in finding out more.
I have been asked for specific info on waist training by many people over the years. And while I like to share my experiences, I cant really advise people the way they want. There is no magic answer for everyone and there are no shortcuts or cut price options…sorry.

But if you are interested in waist training, and you have the self confidence to deal with people’s negative reactions and stupid questions, then this series of videos by Lucy are for you.
She covers everything in a really approachable way. Here is video no.1 …

Keep it cinched Kittens xxx

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