Hello again Kittens…twice in one night I know. One of the reasons for my not posting has been computer issues. I am using a borrowed comp tonight and hope my new laptop will arrive tomorrow. But if not I want to get this posted while I have the chance.

The success of the recent ‘reality’ show on AMC “freakshow” – getting its second season  – started a train of thought and a touch of nostalgia in me kittens….(well done to them. They will be starting filming today, and are having open auditions for new performers tomorrow )

I have always taken the exclamation “FREAK” as a compliment of the highest order…and I’ve heard it often enough in my life!

In TV land the freaky have a long tradition of providing feel-good entertainment and vicarious thrills to the vanilla viewers. Two of the most popular freak families are the Addams family and the Stevens family (Bewitched). But to my overthinking-things-mind, there is something interesting about them when you compare them.
I have posted about this before years ago, it was one of the blogs I hoped to salvage from my abandoned myspace but sadly I couldn’t so I had to think about it fresh.

On the surface of it the Bewitched family are a wholesome cornbread bunch…Norman Rockwell material. And the Addams family are a bunch of dangerous nutjobs. But I would rather be Morticia than Samantha any day and it’s not just for the fabulous wardrobe…

In both shows the central dynamic is the marriage.

In the Addams household Gomez and Morticia adore each other. They love each other with an all consuming passion, and  feel no shame in showing it anywhere any time. They understand each other and accept each other fully. They have everything important in common, actually enjoy each other’s company, stand up for each other and it would never even occur to them to betray or undermine the other.

In the Stevens household Darren knows something about his wife that is fundamental to who she is but that he finds shameful and frightening.  She must conceal it from the world while in his world…which is the whole world as he wont have anything to do with her world, nor her world with him (got that? yes? good). She complies to his face but constantly goes behind his back and does what she wants anyway, getting him into trouble in the process. They both seem to be in a constant state of stress…….its every girls dream! (there is just far too much ‘I love Lucy’ going on for me to cope with)

The Addams family children are supported in everything they do by their parents, accepted totally and loved openly. They both know and respect their family history and take part willingly in family life.

The spawn of Stevens are a nightmare and just as oppressed as their mother.

Outside the nuclear unit in the Addams family, Morticia’s mother and Gomez’s brother live with them in their home. All looking out for each other, one big happy troupe. Plus Lurch, Thing and Cleopatra (she counts)

Over on Bewitched, Samantha’s mother is unwelcome in the family home, constantly at war with Darren and plotting to destroy her daughter’s marriage. Joy.

The fact that the balls-out freaks are the most open, honest, loving family group AND the most fun, not to mention the most stylish, while the ones who appear ‘normal’ on the surface are lying and dysfunctional, is no surprise to me.

When I was in high school the ‘trendies’ as we called them had very turbulent relationships…all games and backstabbing and lies. The only thing they bonded on was torturing the likes of me and the rest of the school’s resident freaks. We all had to look out for each other because, although we came from different sub-cultures, as far as they were concerned we were all the same anyway. So in high school my freak family was made up of a handful of punks, two metalheads, a gaggle of indie kids and me – the only Goth in the village.

From the age of 14 my everyday school attire consisted of ankle or knee length black skirts, fishnets or seamed stockings, modified band T-shirts, a 6″ wide pvc belt cinched to breaking point, knee high boots, poppy red and black hair and a gross of eye makeup.

So you will be unsurprized to hear that I got the Addams family theme tune sung at me (well I use singing in the broadest possible sense) every day. …. The morons never caught on that it was such a compliment. Hahaha

It is those who really know who they are and are not afraid, who can achieve the greatest things. If Darren Stevens had said “no to normal” he would have been a happier man…but I guess that would be less amusing.

I never got the Munsters though…I mean long dark hair with white streaks!?? that’s just weird.

In Black and white, behind the hair.
In Black and white, behind the hair.

p.s. I actually met a girl from high school a few years later at a Goth club. She said she always admired my look but was too intimidated by me to say anything at the time (I have no idea why). She turned out to be ok, so I guess you never know. If you want to know more about how I found the Goth scene and what it means to me today you could do worse than read this —here—-

Have a fabulous day Kittens xxx And good luck to any of you auditioning for the freakshow tomorrow. Make sure all you LA Kittens turn out to show support!