Sorry I for the post drought Kittens! I have been working very hard on the new animated film…more on that very soon I promise.
For now here is this month’s Pinup of the month.

“Shes a killer”
Is one my favorites from my most recent collection. I feel, for me, she combines my love of classic vintage elegance with my love of horror and the unusual.
The look in her eyes just happened on it’s own, but when I saw it I knew she was up to something!
I chose the name because when she was finished and I looked at her, the Rob Zombie song got stuck in my head and I figured I would just go with it!.

vintage pin-up girl art. Noir 1940s
Shes a Killer – pinup of the month Sept 2013

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I am working on building a new store of my own with things that are a bit different. Will be a little while yet, but I will keep you updated. Is there anything you would really like to see in a new store?

Thank you and have a freaky day Kittens xxx