Should I stay or should I go? is the question for artists on DA of late.

If you did not know Kittens I am on Deviant Art, have been for a few years. I have not always been all that involved with it. On and off I have abandoned my profile, but I am back using it seriously again. I post art there that I do not post anywhere else, and some is being made available as prints, postcards and canvases.

There are a lot of people going on about how awful DA is these days and leaving because they don’t want their art along side the “rubbish” on there. But I have been thinking and there are a lot of people in the world that I don’t like/understand/want to get stuck in a lift with…but so far I have not fired myself into the sun…I just ignore them. So that’s the plan for me and DA.

So I’m staying and if you want to follow me you can find me here – Lilly F Lie on Deviant Art

have a fabulous day Kittens xxx