Hi Kittens, having a good weekend?
I was lurking around zazzle, as I often do, looking at all the great pin-up girl and pinup inspired art on there, and thought I would share some of my favorites…

This first one is a Gil Elvgren poster print offered by Biblioartgifts. A pretty 1950’s platinum blonde winning at a slot machine and catching the coins in her skirt.
I love the dark colours with the bright lights of her hair and the glints of the coins. Also that her shoes are gold so we have a colour balance top and bottom – the hair and the shoes. The expression on her face is beautifully captured and you really get the sense of movement, you can almost hear the coins falling.

This next choice is a postcard offered by Galerie_Erotik. A french photograph from the early 1900’s. I love the glowing quality of her skin and that sheer sequined lace robe is beyond exquisite. Proof, if it were needed, that this kind of sexy is in no way a modern invention.

Early 1900s French postcard
Early 1900s French postcard by Galerie_Erotik
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Going in a totally different direction for this next one – A feisty redheaded cavewoman by comic book artist Al Rio. Because it’s fun and we don’t need any other reason.

This is utterly adorable …you could say it is not a pinup girl at all, but it does have many of the required elements, just realized in a different way. This is a postcard print of a painting by Terra Bidlespacher. It is the cutest zombie I have ever seen, drinking a ‘brain’ slushie. I love the pastel colours used in this, not what is usually expected of ‘zombie’ art, and they really stand out against the black background.

……oh that’s one of mine! now how did she get in there teeheehee.

This last one is a poster print offered by Magic_vintage. It is a nude Vargas girl..and frankly there is nothing to say about this piece but..wow!

Sexy vintage pin-up girl poster
Sexy vintage pin-up girl poster by Magic_Vintage
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Have fun Kittens xxx