Good day Kittens! I was clearing out all my old abandoned profiles this week. There was actually some cool stuff on myspace and I grabbed some of the last blogs I posted before I finally gave in to the whore Facebook in late 2009.
And here is the first.

Originally posted on myspace on 14 Nov 2009,

“hero worship”

Ok here we go kittens, I’m going to write a blog that is not a rant about anything!! seriously.

I want to write a quick something about one of my favorite people. He is one of my favorite people because he represents something important in all my favorite people. (follow that?)

No its not Trent Reznor again!, or David Lynch, or either of the brothers Quay, in fact if you are one of my American friends you probably have never even heard of him. His name is Derren Brown, and for those who do not know who he is, he is a magician. He uses methods from many different areas of ‘mind control’ magic as well as more proper ‘mainstream’ magic and presents them through a performance style that leaves people speachless, without making them feel stupid (very important when its basically your job to get one over on someone). But still healthily freaked out!

I have been a fan for many years, and have read his book “trick of the mind” in which he talks in a very entertaining way about what he does, why and to an extent how. I recommend it as a good read whether you are into ‘mind magic’ or not (though I would not give it to anyone likely to get all highly strung about spiritual matters) It makes you think about thinking about things.

Let me explain… When he was a young man Derren Brown was a full-on evangelical christian..he is not now. He looked at his beliefs with logic and decided they did not hold up for him any longer. He has not rejected the idea of higher power, but has rejected the idea of blindly following organized religion.
Its all about belief, as Ive talked about before in other blogs, and in my art, belief is very powerful but its power can be used against you.

Derren recently did a show in America called messiah, you might have seen it or heard about it. If not it basically involves him going round America (it had to be there because he is too well known in Europe) meeting with respected figures in several main belief ‘churches’ they were ; evangelical christian, alien abduction, ESP, new age technology and communicating with the dead. He cannot do any of the things that these people believe in for real, but he can use his knowledge, experience and showmanship to seem like he can. The point of the exercise was not to make these people look stupid, or to harm anyone (which he could so easily do, and is the domain of other cheap ‘entertainers’) but to see if they would question his assertions. Not just if they would believe he can do the things he seems to do, but the most important point was WOULD THEY ASK “IS IT A TRICK?” if they did he would come clean immediately….they never did, not one. And that is the point.
Its circular belief, we are willing to accept anything that fits with what we believe and will reject out of hand anything that does not. This is understandable but potentially dangerous. He was not saying that these people were wrong to believe what they do, nor that they were stupid and he had ‘fooled’ them.
It illustrated something quite terrifying about how ANYONE with ANY motives can fake their way in to the most respected levels of our society by just playing the part right and no one will question them. They would have accepted him, he could have been anyone out to gain anything, but they accepted him because he seemed to offer proof that what they believe in is true.
He is gonna get a lot of shit for this kind of thing as long as he does it, but hes a big boy, he can look after himself and it is all publicity for his house repayments after all. Even as a fan of his I must admit that watching the footage did make me feel uncomfortable, but it should.

Our ability to question things around us is part of what makes us human. So believe whatever you want, no one on this earth can prove you wrong, but remember my motto “never allow yourself to be impressed by words, they mean nothing in themselves and can be used by the darkest heart just the same”…and this excellent lyric by the incredible Saul Williams from the song ‘act iii scene 2’ “I’m gonna do what I can, and what you do is question everything they say do. Every goal, ideal or value they keep pushing on you. If they ask you believe it question whether its true, if they ask you to achieve it, is it for them or for you?”.

Happiness cant be sold so don’t get used out there

Update June 2013 –

I am still a fan of Derren Brown, I still have this book and I still pretty much feel the same way about all of the above. These days I feel even stronger and know myself better. I still hold that thinking about everything, for yourself…learning from life not words…and making choices that best suit your own goals, rather than someone elses projections on you, is the best way to happiness. Which is not the same as comfort – comfort and pleasure are easy, but they are no substitute.

Have a thoughtful day Kittens xxx

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