Hello Kittens. I am working on a new set of pinup girls this week and doing an overhaul on my prints store. Looking at early work compared to now, got me thinking….

Much is made of the argument between two camps of artists – those who are all about technique and the other all about free flow expression.


If you know me Kittens you know that I like to cruise the grey areas of life. So it will not surprize you to hear that I disagree with both sides.

There is one thing about the argument that is important though, and forgetting to keep on top of it is something that has cost me a lot of wasted time over the years.

You have to have the technique down first. The rules are made to be broken but you have to know what they are first.
Think of a magician doing a card trick or a sword swallower downing a blade in one – first they have to figure out how it is done, then practice till they get the mechanics down. Only then can they perfect the presentation.
In the performance the presentation of your art is everything, arguably more important than technique, but without it the performance will never be all it can be, and neither will you.

I’ll admit that, back in my youth, one of the reasons I was so insistent that technique wasn’t everything, was a lack of patience. It was convenient then that I was around so many people who accepted a punk perspective on things!

conversely though you should not get weighed down by a need to make everything perfect in advance. It is easy to let your natural fear of performance and of failure make you stay too long in the ‘safe’ perfecting zone. ” I will go for it, just as soon as this step is perfect, or just as soon as I’ve lost all the weight, or as soon as whatever”. That’s not working towards a goal its avoiding it.

I know because I have done it. I lost a lot of time to it, don’t let it happen to you.

Have a confident day Kittens xxx