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Kittens, you know how I feel about red lippy. I started wearing it in my teens and have tried more types than I can remmember. Last time I posted about how to choose the right shade for you. Today I wanted to share my favorite brands with you.

Lipstick is one of the few cosmetics out there where you do get what you pay for, but don’t go mad. The highest profile brands don’t have a difference in quality that matches the price difference.

As a Vegan I have more to think about than “does the product look nice?”
There are obvoiusly less options to choose from if you prioritize ethical and/or health issues, but that does not mean the choices are inferior.

I have two current favorite vegan lipcolours right now –

Lip ink international henna lip stain. – Lip Ink lip colours

This stuff is as ethical as it gets, organic, cruelty free, vegan and kosher.
The lip stain is practically bullet proof and comes in loads of shades of red that can be mixed together to create any number of reds for any pinup.
It is a three part product though which makes it a bit more expensive than just a lipstick and it takes longer to apply.

First you use the cleanser , then a light layer of moisturizing gloss, then up to three layers of henna ink then the top coat of moisture gloss.

The ink, once you get the knack of using it, has the advantage of giving a really perfect outline that is hard to get with ordinary lipstick, and zero ‘bleeding’ risk. And while you have to reaply the gloss like any normal gloss, the stain will stay put through just about anything.
The only downside appart from the extra products is the ink can be drying. Well for me anyway. The gloss is really moisturizing, but like most lip gloss it does not last long enough.
So make sure you always have enough of the gloss on you at all times to keep it feeling comfortable.
On the pro side, the colours are fantatsic – I like lava red, and Plum red best. And the gloss is not sticky at all, so your hair won’t get stuck in it, and even if it does drag through you will not end up with a red streak accross your cheek.

LUSH – LUSH Cosmetics

LUSH are by far one of my favorite beauty companies. Years ago they teamed up with fellow ethical British company “never too busy to be beautiful”. They sold a wide and expensive collection of oarganic, natural, vegan, fairtrade makeup and perfume. I wore their lip stain. It was a compressed bright red powder in a little blue and white ceramic pot that looked like a mini tagine. You applied it with a wet brush. It really latsed but was dry, and if you wore it with gloss it didnt stay on.
The range was not a success and their stores were absorbed into the main LUSH chain.
Last year LUSH announced the release of their own vegan cosmetics range. Very exciting for a LUSH whore such as myself.
In true LUSH fashion everything in the range is in the same packaging and only the label indicates whats what. Also keeping in line with LUSH tradition it is as expensive as most high end brand ranges..but in this case you actually do get what you pay for, so it’s ok.
I have the liquid eye liner, mascara, a bronze shade of liquid eyeshadow and the red lipcolour called “Decicive”. I love this stuff It is some of the best makeup I have ever used. Together with my afterglow mineral powder and butter London nail varnish I don’t need anything else anymore.

The only complaint I could have would be that the applicators do not always stay in the caps properly and fall into the bottle…somewhat vexing when in a hurry, so in my case all the time.
And as the lip colour is matte, many may not like it. I like it though, obviously a matte finish looks more authentic with vintage. Plus the range does not have lip liner so if you want to avoid feathering or bleeding then you need to use your own liner… I like Manic Panic.

If you don’t like the look of solid lipstick, but still want the impact of red colour, try this – put on a layer of good quality lip balm over your whole lips (I like shea butter) then a light touch of red liner over the top. A great daytime look…just dont let your hair track through it!.

have a fabulous day Kittens

Lilly xxx

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