Hi Kittens! Hope all the Goths had a perfect Goth Day yesterday.
I am, as promised, continuning to post the most popular pages from my old site over here. Today – Why choose red lipstick and how to pick the right shade for you.

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Red lip stick is a pinup girls best friend indeed. Forget diamonds kittens, they have nothing on this ultimate beauty essential.

I am so passionate about the virtues of red lipstick that I am practically an evangelist on the subject. The lips of all my pinup art girls are always painted in a bright red ink of my own colour mix, regardless of the colours (or lack of) in the rest of the piece. To my mind it is the only colour (well if I am really honest that is not true..I do wear black lipstick on occasion, but black is not a ‘colour’ really).
But loads of women say to me “I wish I could wear red, but it doesn’t suit me”. Sorry kittnes but that is rubbish!
There are hundreds of different shades of red to choose from, right across the hot, medium and cool spectrums, so there is one to suit everyone. The only thing to stop you going red is if you cant handle the attention!

The virtues of red lipstick include, but are not restricted to, the following:

* It makes your teeth look whiter. The red colour next to your teeth creates an optical illusion that makes them look white, whereas peachy colours have the opposite effect.

* It creates instant and effortless retro glam. There is no better way than red lipstick to go from everyday boring to vintage glam icon in one move.

* It makes you feel sexy and more confident. Red on the lips might seem like nothing important but the colour, according to colour therapists, can make you feel increased confidence and energy. I can attest to this myself and have seen it in others on many occasions.

* It will get you attention at any occasion. This is a great double benefit to go with your increased confidence.

* It makes your lips look fuller if you apply it correctly

* It has the best staying power of any other colour. Red outlasts other colours through a meal in my experience.

Sold on it? …Excellent.

So how do you know what shade of red lipstick is the right one for you? Well like all colour choices you take your skin tone into consideration first, and the effect you want second. Don’t rush out and buy the one Dita wore in your favourite photo if you don’t have her colouring, because you will probably be disappointed. And we are aiming for sex kitten not kids party clown!

Skin tone is not just a matter of defining your skin as light, medium or dark… or even just warm or cool. You must really look at your skin objectively. Tonal depth is first- decide light, medium or dark. Then- decide warm or cool. Then – look deeper and ask yourself what other colours can you see within the mix? Can you see blue tones? Green tones? Pink perhaps? or gold?. It is these underlying colours that give your skin tone its unique overall appearance, and these which define what shades you should choose.

There are 3 main red zones – cherry reds, red reds (think fire trucks) and wine reds

*Pinups with blue and pinky tones in their skin can happily wear cherry reds. Cherry reds are fruity, flirty, like the candied cherries in a cocktail

* green tones, olive skin, can wear red-reds. These are as red as you can get and include the orange end of the spectrum. They are hot and spicy.

* very dark skin or gold tones can wear wine reds. Wine reds are rich, deep, sultry, like an expensive claret.

All the main reds have combination colours inbetween them to join up the red rainbow so don’t feel confined to just one colour. Try the testers on your wrist, not the back of your hand when buying red lipstick. The inner wrist skin colour is closer to that of your face colour than the back of your hand, which tends to be a bit darker. Pure primary red lipsticks suit most everyone, but purplish wine colours look terrible on pink skin, fire orange reds look terrible on very dark skin and pink reds look terrible on olive skin.

Always Remember that you can actually mix two lipsticks together to get the perfect colour for you. So if you already have a colour that you don’t like, try mixing it with another before you throw it out, it could surprise you. Use a lip brush for this, you don’t want a squishy mess.

Have a fabulous day Kittens xxx