Hi Kittens!,

I just finished a commission pinup. Last year I had virtually no commission work and I had forgotten how much I do like doing them. This most recent one is the second so far this year.
Like most of my private work it was commissioned by a woman – a portrait to be given as a gift to her partner….I also do tattoo designs sometimes, but most are portraits.

Although as an artist my first priority is un-bounded personal expression (LOL was that pretentious enough? I can go for more??!) I actually like the restriction of a commission.

when I do something just for myself it can be anything I want it to be. If I make a mistake I can go with it and end up in a whole other place. I can change my mind and abandon a project at any point if I want. All good, and bad too.
Bad because it makes me complacent…I mean if you only ever did what made you happy easiest you would never grow and certainly never surprize yourself.

When I work on a piece for someone else it forces me to stay on target. I find that I actually enjoy the challenge of meeting their needs, but in my own way. That balance between it being my work and their concept. It forces me to draw things I would not normally choose, testing my basic skills.
I am lucky though that in my line of work I am dealing with private individuals who came to me because they know and like my style. So it has, touch wood, always been a positive experience. My partner is also and artist but works mainly with big business at the moment and it is sucking the life out of him. They don’t value the artist and don’t see why they should pay for the work.

When I was young I used to think that the fundamental skills were not important…it was all about expression, spontaneous, fluid (How was that? more??!) But you know that old saying “the rules are made to be broken” ? well its true…but you have to know the rules in the first place.

If you or someone you love, loves the idea of private pinup portraits or custom pinup tattoo designs (styles from the 1920s to 1950s or modern pinup styles) Check out my etsy store Bad Kittens 79 for more info….

P.S. I am starting work soon on a new collection close to my heart, of Goth/fetish/BDSM related illustrations. These will be on a sister store so those who do not want to see that, can choose not to. I am not sure whether portraits will be appropriate for this collection yet, what with fetish being so personal I am not sure I can. we shall see.

Have a fabulous Thursday Kittens xxx