Product review – Clip- in bangs.

Hi Kittens, Afew weeks ago I was playing with the idea…as I often do on and off…of having bangs cut into my hair.
The theory being that it might make the 1930s hairstyles I like easier to do with my hip-length hair (because cutting it short is not an option… not now – not never, so don’t ask!)

But we all know how much of a commitment and potential disaster bangs can be, don’t we.

So I did a bit of research and bought a fake fringe!

I chose the clip-in bangs from from the ‘Hairdo’ collection by ‘Hair you wear’. Affiliated with a celebrity stylist I have never heard of called Ken Paves, endorsed by a celebrity I am not a fan of. The reason I chose this one was the three pressure sensitive clips and the claim that the synthetic hair is styleable.

The hairpiece is really long so you can cut it to the right length for your face and style. Some people may not like having to do is a bit scary cutting into something you just bought. But go a little at a time and it comes out really nice.

The foundation is triangular with three pressure clips. These clips are much better than regular ones which just slide in. These slide in then just press down and they clamp closed over your hair. Much more secure, especially on my quite fine hair.
The triangular shape is easier to blend into your natural hair than the straight types.

clip-in bangs hairpiece -side view
clip-in bangs from the side – can see where I added the black for blending.
clip-in bangs hairpiece -front
Clip-in bangs in ginger brown – front.
clip-in bangs hairpiece back.
underside of clip-in bangs with 3 pressure clips.

I have medium auburn hair naturally, enhanced with henna. So I chose “ginger brown/light red brown”. The colour matched the lengths of my hair which is more sun-bleached but was too light against my roots. The hair is a mix of 7 to 11 different shades apparently, but each strand is the same colour from root to tip, which most people’s hair is not. I saw this said in one of the customer reviews on Amazon too.
So what I did was put some black mascara on the root area. I put it on lightly and blended it in as much as possible. It blended in better that way.
(sorry about the strange red lighting in my room…and the dirty mirror…the shame!)

My hair before clip-in bangs
My hair before clip-in bangs
with bangs in
with bangs in

bangs arfter1

It is really easy to put in, is really secure, not itchy or annoying. I was very aware of it brushing my forehead for the first day. Just like if you put on long false nails and have to figure out overnight how to type, rather than if they grew over time.

I have worn it both up and down, it looks good both ways and you have to look really close o see the join, which you could hide with a scarf or decorative clip.

The package claims that this is the only synthetic hair that can be blown out, flat ironed and curled. Low heats obviously. I have not tried that yet as my hair is quite straight naturally. But I will try putting a marcell wave in it for 20s/30s hairstyles.

I have decided that although I like the look, as does my husband, that I don’t want to get my hair cut. Now that I have the option of bangs whenever I want I will stick with this for now.
I think I will get another one in black, as I like to switch between my natural colour and Manic panic black.

I will post more (better) pictures with different up-dos and test the bangs with heat stylers as soon as I can.

What do you think?

have a fabulous day kittens,
Lilly xxx