Hello Kittens.
Growing up, and more and more as I grew, I wanted to be like Greta Garbo…she is a heroine to me.
So flawlessly beautiful, stylish, mysterious, untouchable, intelligent and talented. She could say more with her eyes and the movement of a hand than the best script writers could come up with. She was never really part of the Hollywood ‘scene’ but still one of the highest paid players in it. She didn’t care if people didn’t like her and refused to play to the press, but is still considered a great icon. An icon both of film and fashion. Once named the most beautiful woman in the world and possibly the record holder for the shortest interview ever –
interviewer= “I wonder”
Garbo= “why wonder” – Garbo exits.
See…my kind of girl!!

But there is a difference between the women I wanted to be like, and the ones I wanted to be with. So while The Swedish Sphinx filled me with awe, a certain other Hollywood siren is responsible for the awakening of other more, shall we say, earthly feelings.

I just found this picture of her on pinterest which made me remember seeing her on screen for the first time and the effect she had on me….Miss Jean Harlow.


She was sex in a free-er firecracker way.
Not that Garbo is not sexy, she is…she is the sexy I wanted to be to attract a different kind of sexy.
Yes I am married to a man, but this is about when it all started…the obsession with beautiful interesting women. Ive been drawing them since then and I can’t see me stopping any time soon. I am working this week on 7 new pinup’s who will be available shortly, I hope they have this kind of energy. keep an eye out.

Have a fabulous Friday night Kittens

Lilly xxx