Well Kittens, I must say it is nice to be back.
I have had this blog for years but never really used it…don’t know why.
I have had enough of google, And 2013 is the year of all change at Bad Kitten Creations.

If you don’t know me I am Lilly, also known as Lilly F Lie, I am the headmistress of Bad Kitten Creations – an art and film company.
I work in music, illustration and animation, my style is influenced by the Art Deco era. Stopmotion is my passion and the bain of my life. In order to fund my work I started selling my pin-up girl illustrations a few years ago, and writing about vintage fashion, Art Deco and beauty. It has been fun but it is time for a shake-up!

This year you can expect to see from Bad Kitten Creations:

* More pinup art..obviously, but less cheesecake
* The start of my new animated film project
* A new collection of original home dressmaking patterns inspired by the techniques of the 1930s to early 50s
* More Art Deco and Pin-up DIY stuff
* And sadly the end of my website ‘PinupsArt-n-Style.com’. I can no longer support the site, and my heart is no longer in it to be honest kittens. But fear not! all the best stuff will be moved over here to this blog, and this is where you will find all my new work, projects, articles, random ramblings, Decopunk obsessing and more

So as a wise man once said “clean cups, clean cups move down”

Lilly xxx